The Web Design Process

You’re ready to get your feet wet and do this website thing. To make it easy, we’ve simplified the process by answering commonly asked questions.

You’ve decided you want a website or blog, so now what?

Now What?Simple. If you want to work with Mahalo Web, we ask that you fill out a questionnaire to let us know exactly what you need. We encourage an open email dialogue between each other, because often times ideas and impressions are lost through dictation and note taking. An electronic trail leaves no ambiguity. No ambiguity means that your website gets completed quickly and effectively.

After we receive your questionnaire, we begin the visual design process. We take your ideas and create an image mock up of what you envision your website should look like. Once we think we’ve captured your vision, we send you this mock up image for review. This is your opportunity to say, “move this here” or “change the banner color.” Depending on your project, often times we send you several mock ups to select from. Our goal is to incorporate your vision, and we prefer to give you options to choose from.

Once you approve the mock up, the coding portion of your website begins. You may not be familiar with the differences between HTML and XHTML, or know what CSS stands for but you can rest assured that we know our stuff. Why is this important? Well, any designer could easily create a “sloppy” coded website quickly and send it your way. Chances are that unless you have ever viewed the source of a website or are fortunate to be related to a web designer, you don’t know what you’re looking at. Search engines don’t like sloppy coded websites. Trust us. Google tells us so. What you need is a clean coded website, with the potential to expand as you or your business does.

RelaxAfter the coding portion is over, we send you a temporary development link for your review. This is basically a non-live version of your wesbite. We encourage you to mess around with it, test any forms or points of contact and to use this non-live version as your last opportunity to make significant design changes. Once you say OK, get ready for 3…2….1…launch time.

Domain Name Info

By now we should have told you to purchase a domain name, or maybe you already have one. If you don’t, MahaloWeb will be happy to refer you to where you can purchase one. We can even help by suggesting domain names that may benefit your search engine optimization strategy.

Do you already have a website?

Website VisitorsWeb sites technologies are constantly shifting and what was once the “right way” to do things can no longer be efficient today. Websites nowadays need to accommodate a lot more mediums then they did even just a few years ago.  A new term has emerged in the web design industry called, “responsive web design” and what that means is that your website now needs to be responsive to the device the user is viewing it on. Is your website mobile friendly? Can people use your navigation menus on tablets or other devices? Is your content easy to find on a small device window? Mahalo Web can help you redesign your site, create a mobile or tablet friendly version of your existing site, or even give your current site a facelift. Contact us today for a free quote.

Traffic and Visitors

If you have an existing website, you need visitors! There are several ways people get to your website. Word of mouth, advertising, and mostly importantly, through search engines.

Google, Yahoo and MSN should be household names to you. They are the three most popular search engines. Your website should have been submitted to them by now. If not, it’s a simple process of visiting the respective site submission pages and adding your info. Anyone can do it.

Submitting your site does not mean that people will find you. This is important! There are probably thousands of other websites who have the same niche as you do. What good will it do to your or your business if you’re on page 33? Does anyone other than college student looking to plagiarize their thesis ever go that far?

You want a higher rank in the search engines. Essentially, you have two distinct routes. PPC – which stands for Pay Per Click advertising, or SEO – which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Click each link to learn more about each.

Blog this, Blog that. What’s this Blog rage about anyway?

BlogA blog provides you the ability to write what you want, when you want and without having to go through a designer to update content for you. Mahalo Web encourages you to blog, and we believe that small business websites highly benefit from it. Search engines likes blogging because search engines REALLY like fresh content which blogs should and tend to have. Why would they rank a website with stagnant content on the first page of its search results?

Your blog should be easy to log into and be updated effortlessly. If you’re being a good blogger and writing often, you don’t want to be slowed down by confusing blog interfaces.

We prefer using WordPress but can also work with Expression Engine and Blogger.